tirsdag 10. februar 2009

Things to be grateful for!!

Always surrounded by things that should make me grateful! Not always so good with the noticing LOL. I read about this project to name 365 things throughout the year -- and I even made several attempts to put their blinkie on my web.... Phew! The master mind of technical sollution LOL.

Anyways, thought I'd get started -- already 40 items behind :)

1. Pouring all the pancake batter in a pan and bake it all at the same time
2. Wool socks
3. A new haircut on my beautiful ODS
4. Ideas for a new novel -- fun ones at that
5. New songs on my mp3 player
6. Pay day tomorrow
7. Going to pick my two younges up from a dress up party :)

... which is what I'm about to do right now!

List was a bit more boring than I hoped. Guess Disney Channel in the back ground isn't as inspirering as I was hoping.

30 minutes later:

Actually -- the picking up of kiddos from the party was no fun at all, and absolutely nothing to be grateful for. On the other hand -- had I not had to do that, now that would have been something to be all happy about! Oh well -- life with the little people!

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