lørdag 7. juli 2012

Home Made Celebration!

Thought I'd give this blog a new try :). Starting by sharing a photo from my oldest sons communion in May. I lovet preparing for the party. Everything from making the invitations and sewing the napkins and linnen table cloths to preparing the menue and eventually setting the table and preparing the actual food.
We had such a lovely day with friends and family, and if you are weary about taking on a big celebration all by yourself, I recommend it whole heartedly.
We wanted a environmentally friendly and healthy take on everything and chose to by most of what we needed second hand (like the green plate in the picture as well as the three different, and complete, vintage sets of cups and plates for the coffee and dessert). The food was home made and mainly vegetarian (a change for lots of the guest :).
The garlands are simply circle punch outs sewn together on the sewing machine. Might look like alot, but once you get going, it is really addictive!

onsdag 1. juli 2009

Beach time and sun screen!

This is the very first of a series of photos taken every summer with the three little darlings. Anno 2003 :)
And this one is about the imaginary animals my DD used to tell everyone she owned at age three -- a horse, a dog and a chicken named Skipp :)
Today has been all about keeping cool and applying enough sun screen. Love summer time :)

tirsdag 23. juni 2009

Book editing and iced coffee!

First off, a few new pages:
This first one is called something like: Brimming with personality. And I don't know whether that should be spelled with one or two M's, but you can figure it out, right ;)

This one is just a pretty face ;)
And here, we are showing off the body aswell....

Book editing and iced coffee, that is what I am up to today. This editing-bit takes forever and a half (and that is an under-statement!!!) and I need to pick up speed, but at the same time, I could propaly roll around in the words from chapter 1 for another 3 months LOL.

Off to have coffee with my girl Caroline in two hours, so need to get cracking.

søndag 21. juni 2009

Single mom for a week!

DH is away for 7 days, so I make all the calls (and pay the bills that follow LOL).

Baked bread today -- and assisted in the baking of Moon Rocks (which incidently taste a lot better than they sound :). DD is so happy. With her cookies, that is. Other than that, she is pretty upset -- with her little brother in particular, and stuff in general ;). Might be an age thing. Might be that her little brother is very defenitely driving her bananas!

The page below it to celebrate the awsome shampoo and conditioner my dear sis gave me for my birthday! Lucky me! Wonderful sister!! :)

DS at 3, seemingly ready for ballet-class. Not so much so, after we actually went. She would only dance the last 5 minutes, and if she looked at me, she started crying. We went three times and then I took her word for it "I'm just not mature enough yet, mom!". (And I LOVE the stickers I got from (I think) Shop 66 on Etsy.

This page is for the Scrapping the Music challenge (Norwegian version). I know it is totally not x-massy, but ODS is actually decorating gingerbread figures in December in the picture. The title reads something like "You are so clever".

onsdag 10. juni 2009

So much sports -- so little time :)

My kids love sports (... well maybe not so much the oldest one -- he might be more into fame and fortune rather than the actual activity LOL). And all this sporting activity yields tons of photos to scrap. Here are a couple of pages to remember all the fun!

This one is from an all girls hockey day at the ice rink. My DD is hooked :)

And then, of course, there is soccer -- every day and as much of it as possible! This is my 6 y old at a tournament in May.

And this one is just about hanging out LOL. 11 years ago -- now, how did that happen!

søndag 7. juni 2009

I do scrapbook -- I just don't blog much :)

Just a few new pages :). More to follow -- I have tons of new stuff done, but with the new computer and new programs, I kind of dread getting it done....
Put away all winter clothing today and forced the kids to try on clothes from last summer that I hoped would still fit them. Also bribed them with McD and shaved ice...
Rain is in the air.
Love the week end, but not so much my job. SHould be doing something about it.
Not now!
Love my kids! They drive me nuts!!

onsdag 3. juni 2009


But, of course, I never posted before I went, so now I have been, have done quite a lot while there, actually, and now I'm back... (And I know it is supposed to be Liverpool LOL). Ate at the Warehouse -- such a super-nice vegetarian/vegan restaurant!! Loved it.

And loved even better the Itihaas -- voted best Indian restaurant in the UK for several years. LOVE, love, LOVE!!! The Bullring is such a nice shopping centre, Birmingham has starbucks, and they have pretty good bookstores. And of course beer :)

Bought new books -- always the best of treats, together with chocolate of course! This one is just perfect for when you want to just lay like broccoli on the couch: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Vintage-T-shirts-Over-Authentic-Tees/dp/1844424049/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1244056174&sr=1-1

And this is the most beautiful cook book I have seen in years: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Miss-Dahls-Voluptuous-Delights-Sophie/dp/0007261179/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1244056500&sr=1-1