mandag 23. februar 2009

Oh happy day!!!

(And never mind my intentions of getting some Norwegian bloggin' done LOL)

I re-signed up for Studio Calico today! yeah!! And I found yellow and white gingham converse sneakers at half off. (Like I had the money.... Oh well, went ahead and got them anyways. Figure DH or someone can always give them to me for my birthday in April ;)

So, things to be grateful for today (shallow and all):
New shoes
New eye shadows (smashed my old fav. last month)
A whole day to myself (which means 9 - 2.30 LOL)
Melting snow
Freshly painted kitchen
Plans to paint seriously ugly kitchen tiles
Going to the library tonight (I know, pathetic...)
Quiet -- so I can hear the clock ticking and my lap top humming
Good hand lotion

Off to be productive with my time before the wild ones re-enters my space!!

1 kommentar:

_Kine sa...

Jessss, snøen smelter! Har du forresten sett Kurt Cobain-conversene? Fiiine!