lørdag 7. juli 2012

Home Made Celebration!

Thought I'd give this blog a new try :). Starting by sharing a photo from my oldest sons communion in May. I lovet preparing for the party. Everything from making the invitations and sewing the napkins and linnen table cloths to preparing the menue and eventually setting the table and preparing the actual food.
We had such a lovely day with friends and family, and if you are weary about taking on a big celebration all by yourself, I recommend it whole heartedly.
We wanted a environmentally friendly and healthy take on everything and chose to by most of what we needed second hand (like the green plate in the picture as well as the three different, and complete, vintage sets of cups and plates for the coffee and dessert). The food was home made and mainly vegetarian (a change for lots of the guest :).
The garlands are simply circle punch outs sewn together on the sewing machine. Might look like alot, but once you get going, it is really addictive!