tirsdag 23. juni 2009

Book editing and iced coffee!

First off, a few new pages:
This first one is called something like: Brimming with personality. And I don't know whether that should be spelled with one or two M's, but you can figure it out, right ;)

This one is just a pretty face ;)
And here, we are showing off the body aswell....

Book editing and iced coffee, that is what I am up to today. This editing-bit takes forever and a half (and that is an under-statement!!!) and I need to pick up speed, but at the same time, I could propaly roll around in the words from chapter 1 for another 3 months LOL.

Off to have coffee with my girl Caroline in two hours, so need to get cracking.

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_Kine sa...

Digger layoutene dine :D De er så fulle av liv og glede, liksom :)
Kom forresten til konklusjonen at jeg ikke anbefaler "The host". Litt for sappy og langdryg for min smak. Savner Twilight :P Kos deg i sommervarmen!