tirsdag 19. august 2008

No quitting!

I'm still hanging in there. At 31.574 :)

Things are going a bit slower, but had a major break through this morning, figuring out how one of my gals will break into an appartment and discover clues, and also she will be guided through the fine art of breaking a password. Guiding will be done on the phone, but the experts tell me it is doable! Happy!

Dh is the best, by the way :)

School started yesterday and now I have all three kids in school. After a snag or two in the morning, all went well.

Happy and grateful and loving life these days!!

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Wok sa...

Har den kjekkeste Maxemannen i verden begynt paa skolen Allerede??? Ble ikke han foedt for bare et par maaneder siden??? Gud som tiden flyr Irene!!!

Elsker dere alle sammen saa masse!!!

Bone crunching hugs all around!