søndag 24. august 2008

39.602 words!

So 400 words shy of my goal for the week end! But with all the good times I had, I'm very happy! Getting harder to keep the words coming, as I now have to tie everything together, whilest I chould be throwing anything into the pot only a week ago. Still having fun, but using the little grey cells way more :)

Also got a few LOs done this week end. Need to start posting those again!!

Oh, and pretty much love the Mamma Mia film. Loved seeing with my DD even more!

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Wok sa...

Typo... Whilst... lol

Jeg in deep i det her energi greiene altsaa... Her om dagen etter litt trening saa jeg energi mellom fingrene mine for foerste gang. Foerst prikket det i fingertuppene som om det var pins and needles ogsaa ble mellomrommet mellom fingrene helt neongult...

Jeg hadde supposedly en lilla aura mens alt dette paagikk ogsaa, lol

I'm turning into a hippie...